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It’s an assumption that we all love music, I know that I do and I take my tunes really seriously.

Music aids my emotions, sometimes it even justifies them but one thing I know for sure is that any self care activity is undeniably enhanced when my music is on.

Why I ever deleted my Spotify app – I don’t know. Maybe it was the annoyance of having to pay to skip a song but I found my way around that this time.

Spotify Trickery

During lockdown I was asked by a friend to create a joint playlist. This set me on a playlist creating frenzy to which lead me to the discovery that on your own playlist, you can skip as many songs as you like! ( Update – no you can’t )

If you already knew this, you’re a genius and why did you not share it with me? If not, then it’s a pleasure.
Truthfully I’m not entirely sure if this is a hack and if it actually does work. So don’t trust me on this one but try it.

The way I find new songs is not via playlists but rather through the artists and songs I already like. If you click on an artists profile and scroll down it will show the artists radio playlist – click on that and almost every time, you’ll find a new track that fills your inner being with joy. 

The In Space Playlists

I have created these three playlists, one together with a friend. On these playlists you’ll find a blend of indie, new wave and alternative tunes.

Not Such Morning Music

All the songs on this playlist contain words in their title that relate to the morning. Not all songs have a morning feel but they’re all exceptional – if I say so myself.

Not Such Night Notes

This playlist consists of all songs that contain words in their title that relate to the night time, contrasting – I know. Like the playlist mentioned before not all these songs have a night feel but they’re all, yes, EXCEPTIONAL!

Plant Pretty Flowers, or Don’t

This playlist was created by myself and a friend of mine. It offers you a mellow mood of indie alternative and new way tunes.

Listen to Playlists

Not Such Morning Music

Not Such Night Notes

Plant Pretty Flowers or Don’t

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