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Mixologist – Jesse Chinn


I feel most me
Whiskey down
Slow sips
I feel most me
Pine surroundings
Breaths deep
I feel most me
Blankets beneath

Loneliness vs Alone

I wrote this many months ago and it sat in my drafts ever since. I never really intented to share my poetry but I find this to be very fitting to the times we are going through.

Who says being alone is a bad thing? What if loneliness is the space we truly need in order to grow? And, can alone be a happy place?

I experienced a lot of loneliness in my life, even in times where I was surrounded by many people. People that loved me, people that inspired me and people that did not. I still found loneliness.

To me, loneliness was a space I’d avoid via distractions in unhealthy environments with unhealthy people. Eventually, I too, became an unhealthy space, which I inhabitted and hid behind the idea that loneliness was sad, negative and dark. Before I knew it, I became too comfortable in the dark and didn’t want a light to guide me. This changed when I was in my darkest, lost space, I knew I needed a light and decided that the light I needed was, me.

There is a distinct difference between loneliness and being alone. One being an emotion, the latter being a verb. I no longer wanted be lonely, but I wanted to love being alone. I delved into many activities I wished to try, places I wished to go and was determined to do it alone.

Now, my happiest space is the time I have to practise ‘alone’ and loneliness is no longer a hiding place, nor is it an emotion I feel.

Finding happiness and contentment in spending time with your self and doing the activities you love the most, is Self Love.

List of Alone Activities :

● Drinking a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop, Loof.

● Doing yoga in my garden.

● Gardening and caring for my plants.

● Cleaning and organizing my bedroom.

● Writing in my journal and blogging.

● Baking scrumptious things.

● Dancing around my room to my favorite tunes.

● Finding new songs that make me feel alive.

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Mixologist – Jesse Chinn