Day 21 – Fuck It, Take a Nap

My nap tent

Day 21

During lockdown, napping definitely became very much part of my routine- after all my routine was already turned upside down.

It is easy to awaken from a nap feeling unproductive and lazy. But in this time, when we have the opportunity to do so, why not?

As I mentioned in my Day 19 post- these last few days of the Self Love on Lockdown Challenge where intended to prepare us for the end of lockdown.

I am well aware that we have all been napping way more often that usual and I chose this activity for the last day because once we all return to our normal routines, we may miss napping.

Napping is actually extremely beneficial, it allows your brain to reset and your body to relax but this shouldn’t be done for more than 30 minutes – that would be considered sleeping not napping.

I also recommend taking naps in unusual places rather than in your bed. This will prevent your body and mind from feeling like it’s bed time. I actually pitched a tent in my garden for napping purposes.

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My nap tent

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