Day 19 – Paint Your Nails

DAY 19

The activities for the last 3 days were all intended to prepare us for the end of lockdown. Clearly, this was planned before the lockdown was extended but still feel free to take part.

Unlike many ladies, I do not entirely miss getting my nails done. In fact, I stopped having my nails done around 4 years ago. I’d like to say it’s because I became more fond of my natural self. But honestly, part of the reason is because I showed up high at my nail appointment and it was just too awkward to ever go back.

When I was younger, I was a nail biter. I tried everything to stop and when I began spending R400 on a set of a acrylic nails and R220 every two weeks for a fill – I lost all urges to bite my nails.  Luckily, since I stopped doing acrylics 4 years ago I have not returned to my old habits.

Now, I find lots of enjoyment and a sense of calm in doing my own nails at home. It takes about an hour for me to complete the process and I find it to be quite satisfying throughout.

What you’ll need?

● Bowl of warm water
● Slice of lemon
● Sugar scrub
● Nail brush
● Nail clipper
● Nail file
● Cuticle cutter
● Hand & nail cream
● Asitone
● Nail polish
● Top coat nail polish
● Earbuds
●Cotton wool
● Towel


● Pour water into a bowl and add your lemon.

● Soak your nails in the bowl for 5 minutes

● Trim your nails to you desired length and cut your cuticles.

● Scrub your hands with your sugar scrub, you can make your own using my recipe.

● Rinse your hands off, scrub under your nails using your nail crush and dry your hands off.

● File your nails to your desired shape and moisturize your hands.

● Using asitone on a piece of cotton wool, clean all your nails.

● Pick your colour and paint. Clean up any nail polish with an earbud and asitone.

● Wait for nail polish to dry and then add your top coat.

● Once top coat is dry you can moisturize your hands again.

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