Day 14 – Do Your Washing

Day 14

I know that for many of us living in South Africa, we grow up privileged enough to not have to do our own washing. But, let me tell you, there is something so rewarding about doing your own laundry and that is when all your socks pair up in the end.

Self love comes with the responsibly of full appreciation for one’s self and for our belonging too. When it comes to clothing, not only have I learned to minimize what I own but have learned to value each item I own by caring for them correctly. This includes reading the care labels before washing them to neatly hanging and folding them.

As of now I do use a normal, top loader washing machine, Omo washing powder and Comfort fabric softener. But my goal is to eventually do all my washing by hand to minimize my consumption of electricity and water and to start using more eco-friendly detergents.

Tips and Recommendations

● Wash your clothes inside out to preserve the colour.
● Hang clothes to sun dry to conserve enegry
● Read the care labels.
● Hang your towel after showering and reuse it a few times.
● Handwash socks and underwear.
● Tie your socks together to never lose them in the washing machine
● Stick to a cold wash.
● If you’re not s construction worker, a quick wash will do the job.

the job

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