Day 13 – Have a Dance Party

Day 13

I made a very big mistake by calling today’s activity a dance “party” by the exact definition, a party is exactly what we should not be doing right now but what I actually meant was – dance by yourself like a crazy person to your absolute favorite tracks.

Then again you could have a party on video chat but who’d pick the songs? And what if one of your friends gets too drunk and has no one to hold her hair up? That being said, pour yourself a glass of wine while doing this too.

As I mentioned in my workout post, dancing around is one of the best workouts, one of my favorites, because it just doesn’t seem like a workout and can be done with wine or whiskey in hand.

What you’ll need :

● Music
● Wine
● Average dance moves
● Comfy clothes
● Space to dance

Top 10 songs on my list :

Ben Howard – Time is Dancing
Sticky Fingers Pot of Gold
Hippo Campus – Violet
The Weeknd – Blinding Lights
Mahmood – Barrio
Florence and the Machines – Dog Days are Over
Kings of Convenience – I’d Rather Dance With You
Kings of Leon – The Bucket
Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Fever Pitch
Rex Orange County – Sunflower

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