Day 11 – DIY Pedicure

Day 11

Pedicures can be quite expensive and often are more harmful than beneficial. The last pedi I paid for, the beautician scrubbed my feet so excessively that i am still battling to get rid of the cracks on my heels.

Now, I just do my pedicures myself at home. They’re far cheaper that way and I never over scrub!

What you’ll need?

● A big bowl
● Warm water
● Essential oil (optional)
● Lemon
Body scrub (made on day 7)
● A nail clipper
● A nail file
● Towel
● Moisturizer (I use jojoba oil)
● Socks


Simply fill you bowl just over half way with warm water, add in your essential oils ( I use Eucalyptus) and a slice of lemon. The lemon is great for your nails while some essentials oils aid in the killing of bacterias or fungus.

Place your feet in the water for about 10-15 minute and allow your feet to soak. You definitely don’t need a fancy foot bath to do this.

Once you’re feet have soaked dry them off, Clip your toe nails and using a pumice stone or foot file – remove any dead skin but be sure not to over scrub.  Next using the the body scrub, we made on day 7, exfoliate your footsies. Then place your feet back into the water to rinse them off well.

Dry your feet, file your toenails and moisturize. You can give yourself a foot massage which i highly recommend because your feet are full of pressure point which will help relax you even more. Once you’re done, put on your socks to allow alll the moisture to sink in.

Tips and Recommendations

● Do not over scrub
● Put on some calm music and chill
● Focus on the heels of your feet when exfoliating
● If your using a foot file make sure to go only in one direction

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