Day 9 – 10 Minute Workout

Day 9

I will be dead honest, exercise is not really my thing, unless it’s dancing around my bedroom, doing yoga or walking my doggo’s around the block. I’m sure me making “exercise” an activity on a Saturday makes that evident.

But honestly is it Saturday? Is it Tuesday? Does anyone really know until they look at their calendar? No! And so today’s activity is 10 minutes of exercise which we should probably be doing everyday.

As we know exercise gets our hearts pumping, our blood flowing and our muscles growing. But it is also know to send serotonin, the happy chemical, to our brains and it is truly why we feel so good after working out.

Today’s workout, it is simple but enough to get you feeling alive.

10 Minute Workout

10 Minute Workout

Tips & Recommendations

● Eat 30 minutes prior to your workout
● Always stretch before you begin
● Ensure you have correct alignment
● Hold your core throughout to avoid injury
● Don’t forget to breathe

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