Day 4 – Yoga Stretches

Pets do yoga too

Day 4

Yoga is an incredible way to relieve stress and anxiety, it allows us to really connect to our bodies and aids us in providing our bodies with exactly what they need.

Fundementals of Yoga

Flexibility is not a requirement to practice yoga, flexibility naturally increases with consistency of practicing yoga. The most fundamental part of yoga is connecting to our breath and connecting our breath, to our movements. Doing so, creates space in the muscles to allow oxygen to flow in, which prevent knots, locks, tension or injury.

Stretching is the second most important part in my yoga practice and arguably in any yoga practise. Stretching is done throughout a yoga practice before, during and after which helps create length in the body. Most poses create a stretch in a certain part of the body and again, that is why it is so important to breathe. Stretching should always be done slowly, with intention and mindfulness.

Lastly, alignment and engaging your core. Yoga might seem simple by the looks of it but it is quite technical. Every pose that is done needs to be in alignment and done while holding your core strength. This will prevent injuries and allow the body to stretch and strengthen in the right places.


The links below will direct you to some of my favorite yoga teachers online. These are videos I frequently follow and use to do my stretches.

15 minutes safe and easy neck & shoulder

20 minutes upper back yoga

10 minutes hips and lower back

30 minutes full body stretch

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