Day 2 – Organise & Minimize

Clothing I mostly wear

Day 2

The activity today will keep you productively busy and once it is complete, you’ll feel so good. This activity is something that we feel we don’t often have time to do.

It’s time to tackle that wardrobe!

The cleaning and organizing method I use is pretty simple. It derives cleaning concepts from the KonMari method, which was developed by Marie Kondo – a minimalist whose cleaning method is based on categories rather than on rooms or space. I do not follow this method completely and you do not have to either.

Minimalism is not about owning as little as you can but rather about only keeping items that truly add value to your life in order to make space for true joy and fulfillment. This is the intention for today’s activity.

I do understand that minimalism is not for everyone and that is OK too. Being on this self love journey has brought me to this path in my own time and living with less has truly allowed me to desire abundance for myself from what already exists within and around me.

Six basic rules of the KonMari method:

● Commit to tidying up.
● Picture your ideal lifestyle.
● Thank each item for serving its purpose, before you get rid of it.
● Tidy by category, not location.
● Follow the right order.
● Ask yourself it it sparks joy.

Today we will be focusing on clothing. Let’s be honest with each other and ourselves. We all own more clothes than we could possibly wear in our expected life span and most often revert back to wearing the clothes we most love and enjoy wearing.

Clothing Calculation

365 days in a year
3 outfits a day
2 wash cycles a week
And you’re most likely going to re-wear your favorite clothes that you’ve washed.
That means in total you’ll need a lot less than you probably have.

Though today’s challenge is about cleaning and  organizing, the real challenge behind it is to minimize what you own and pass it on to allow it to fulfill a life elsewhere. Feel free to choose any category to minimize and organise.

The 5 Catergories are :

● Clothes
● Books
● Papers
● Komono (Miscellaneous Items)
● Sentimental Items

How to organise and Tidy up:

1. Put on comfy clothes

2. Remove everything from its original space be that a shelf, rail or drawer.

3. Create 3 boxes or dustbin bags marked
● Donate
● Sell
● Keep

4. Go through each item one at a time and identify if it brings you joy and if it adds value to you life. If it once did, but no longer does, let it go. Be brutally honest with yourself and then choose a pile for it.

5. Neatly fold or hang up the items you have decided to keep.

6. If the items you have kept are not used in the next 6 months, repeat the process and minimize even more.

7. Put the donate and sell boxes/bags into the boot of your car. When lockdown is over, choose a platform to sell them on and choose the charity you’d like to donate to – I have attached a list below.

Tips & Recommendations

DO NOT create a maybe pile because what ever finds itself in that pile, you’ll most likely land up keeping which you most definitely should not!

Make a designated rail for clothes that come out of the wash. This will help you know which clothes you really wear the most.

There are many places in South Africa that you can donate to. Here is a list of all the charities in South Africa.

Give or sell clothes that you’ve only worn once or twice to a friend.

Reduce your shopping habits to avoid accumulation of impulse purchases.

To learn more about minimalism now I recommend watching Minimalism on Netflix.

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Clothes I mostly wear

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