Just assumptions

Since coronavirus hit South Africa, streets and shops have started to empty as the numbers rise, now sitting on 240 cases, a lot less than many other parts of the world, but still unsettling.

South Africa is known for high crime rates due to extreme poverty, with majority of South Africans living bellow the breadline, I am blessed to not be one of them and blessed that I am able to stay home and still have food on my table, running water and electricity.

South Africa is also known for its very poor public medical systems, year round sick people attend public hospitals just to wait for hours with near no assistance only because they are unable to afford medical aid or private medical care. At these public hospitals are so bad that you’ll often find pregnant woman giving birth on the reception floor and often made to clean up their own mess after doing so.

Now, with the coronovirus spreading daily it is sad to realise that this virus has only reached South Africa due to travels of those who are wealthier. Yet, this virus is expected to spread nationwide and when it does

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