Fashion|My Current Top 10 Accessories

Fashion | My Current Top 10 Accessories

Fashion fills my heart and soul with joy. Being a Gemini means I’m all about essentric expression and constant change, which may very well explain my style and personality.

As any girl can, put me in a fashion store with some cash and it won’t take me very long to spend it all but these days I’ve been making a conscious effort to only buy things I truly love and will use.

Clothing for me, is not as exciting as it used to be. I mean, estimately I can only wear about 16 different outfits per week and am able to mix and match all my clothes pretty well. Plus, we all know that when buying new clothes, the old stuff never looks as dope as it once did.

Accessories on the other hand, are my absolute weak point & “less is more” does not apply when it comes to accessorizing an outfit. Give me bags, shoes, earrings, bags and more bags it’ll never be enough.

Accessories are everything ( claps hands after each syllable). You can wear the same outfit for a week, only change your accessories and each day it’ll look entirely new. They elevate every outfit to the top floor and thats where I truly spend ALL my cash.

Unfortunately, there is a 23kg limit on luggage and now that I’m overseas I wasn’t able to bring all my accessories along with me and so I packed only my absolute favorites.

These are my top 10 Accessories as of now. Please note my favorites change almost monthly.

Baby pink Fjallraven Kanken

OK. So this ultimately high quality, Swedish backpack has been taking the arthoe scene by storm. It can surprisingky fit a lot more than you’d expect and is water resistant too. Though mustard and yellow seem to be the best sellers, I never settle for the main trends. In my heart, pink is coming in huge and so I started early as I always do. I wanted this backpack ever since I spotted a girl using one on my first train ride in Amsterdam but was pulled away by every store by my brother. Eventually, Superbalist stocked them in and I was definitely one of the first to get my hands on one.


If you followed me ( I’ve since deleted insta) on Instagram, you probably saw my multiple stories featuring this bubblegum pink Jansport moon bag worn across my chest or around my waist.I am utterly obsessed with its detail and convenience & it definitely makes a statement. I’ve owned many moon bags in my life but this one, this one tops them all.

Drop Star Earrings

These also featured many times in many of my posts. These R50 earrings from Lovisa are to absolutely die for. I’ve been questioned and complimented on them too many times and just recently found a pair of heart ones, not as fresh as the stars but they’re cool too.

Tinted Pink Shades

My tinted pink shades are yet another trend I’ve brought back long before they hit the main stream. They come in pink, purple and blue and I sell them for R100 a pair. These tinted sunnies always turn heads and truly add a beautiful filter on the world around you, literally.

Transparent Chain Pouch

This was a dilemma I faced between my love for fashion and my strong feelings towards ridding the world of plastic. Fashion obviously won this time. I spotted this pouch on an adventure around town with my grandmother on her electric, two seated scooter. I immediately had to have it, I love all things transparent and plastic in the fashion worldand though many still can’t understand why I’m not afraid to face the dangers of everyone being able to see my phone, money and lipstick but for fashion I will take the risk. The only downside to this pouch is that it really can only fit very few things inside.

Source Sandals

My most recent purchase are my red, strappy sandals. You all know my love for making ugly things look amazing and well, this is just another one of those things. These sandals are extremely popular in Israel for hikers, campers and soldiers. Pretty much everyone owns a pair and for good reason. They’re super, super comfortable, adjustable and breathable and actually look great on me. I love the outdoors and nature so this purchase has already come in handy and will for many many years to come.

Fluff clutch

Seems a little wild of me to even think of bringing anything with a fluff touch with my on this trip as I am currently in weather that reaches 35 degrees Celsius. In my opinion, adding an element of fluff to your outfit in summer is about as eccentric as one can be and after all, it is just a makeup bag that I’ve turned into a clutch. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I turn anything into a handbag from pencil cases to lunch tins. I picked this up from Primark on my trip to Amsterdam, you may be able to tell exactly where I was when I took this photo.

My smile

Aww cute!! A very understated accessory that we all naturally possess is out smiles, all different and all beautiful. Our smiles are without a doubt the best accessory we own. When I was 11 years old I conformed to getting braces but thankfully I don’t stick to the rules and not wearing my retainer means my gap opened up again and I couldn’t be happier about it. I don’t recall ever disliking my gap so I’m unsure as to why I agreed to braces but I think my gap makes me unique and I love it.

My Curly Hair

When I was younger, my hair was one of my biggest problems. Id constanrly complain of how curly and frizzy it is, not to mention how ridiculously time consuming it was to straighten and not so secretly always wished my hair was just dead straight. Over the years I’ve learned to tame my hair and accept it as just another beautifully usique part of who I am. It may sound disgusting but because my hair doesn’t get greasy I can go about 5 days without washing it. I’ve made a conscious effort to start taking very good care of my thick, luscious locks by only blow drying it once a week, doing deep moisture treatments and actually leaving my curls to dry wild. My curly hair is a blessing and is a striking accessory that I embrace & appreciate.

Photo shot by Ricky Want


They’re not so natural, they’re rather permanent but make as the perfect accessory. I’ve loved and wanted tattoos ever since I can remember. All my tattoos represent different aspects of life and nature. My Salvador Dali butterfly, my intricate moon and my sunflower are 3 tattoos that get the most attention. All done by different extremely talented artist. My butterfly was done by the lovely @foxtini_tattoo_art from Sally Mustang. My moon done by the talented Adam from and my sunflower done in Cape Town by the incredible @ajwestside. No matter what outfit I wear, my tattoos are always there to express the universe loving, arty and natural side of me.

Inked by Aj Westside

Inked by Adam Steel

Inked by Roxy Janke

Which is your favorite accessory of mine and are you loving the pink as much as I am?


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