Self Love|Bad Days

Self Love|Bad Days

Self love, as I’ve mentioned countless times before, takes a lot of determination and perseverance. Being human means that there will always be some challenging days that are more difficult than most, but those days are not bad.

Every day of self love is a challenge but overcoming those days, filling them with postive activities and healthy choices is an achievement that leaves us feeling very good about ourselves.

Bad days, start off bad and end off the same way. They are the days you fight with the snooze button and force yourself back to sleep instead. They’re the ones that leave you pondering at the end of the day what you could have done with all your free time instead of not doing anything at all. Bad days, are when you go out and avoid eye contact or human interaction as a whole. Bad days are when you overeat, skip your workout and fall asleep with your makeup on, that if you even put make up on.

Bad days are placed on your path as a test. A comforting lesson I recently learned is that if reaching your goal is occasionally challenging it means you’re going in the right direction. Bad days are supposed to happen, we need bad days to remind us of how a good day feels and so essentially, even bad days are in fact good.

Self love is acknowledging where you can improve and identifying the very thing that turned a potentially positive day into a negative one.

It is up to you to see your bad days in a postive light and to end those days off with motivation to make the next day your best one yet. Self love is not about beating yourself up, if you do, one bad day can easily turn into a bad week.


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