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Fashion| Think In Pink
Fashion| Think In Pink
Colours are known to make people happy, they add a sense of fun and have also been known to make one more approachable, unless you’re a clown, i hate clowns!
Pink is colour I have avoided almost all my life, well at least up until I could decide what to wear for myself. I was never a Barbie girl and being a princess was never a dream of mine, as i assume it was for most young girls. I was more interested in being a rock-star.
You could say I am not that typical ‘girly girl’ that pink has always been associated with. This is one reason I have never owned an item of pink clothing and the second reason being , is that it’s damn pink!
As my taste in fashion has now complete transcended into a time space of rainbows, my wardrobe is filling up with colours, colours and more colours. Pink being the most recent colour added and funnily enough, after all these years avoiding it, I have now realised that ‘damn pink’ looks damn good on me! It does not make me feel like a girly girl at all but rather feminine and fashionable.
Pink pants have seemed to be taking a liking to my wardrobe. In the short period of my new love affair with this colour , I have accumulated 3 pairs. In my defence, they are all completely different styles.
The first pair I got my hands on and thighs into, with a little bit of a squeeze, are my Pull and Bear, high-waist denims. They have a light denim blue undertone and have been dipped into a beautiful pastel pink.
The second pair I purchased is also from PULL & BEAR. I bought them on the same day as the first and on sale! They are a beautiful pair of baby pink, pinstriped culottes, pyjama kind of comfy with a high-end fashion feel and they are so easy to dress up or down.
While in Cape Town I made a convenient pop-in to H&M in the V&A Waterfront, because everyone knows I will not make the 20 minute mission to Sandton just for H&M. There i purchased a pair of gorgeous bubble-gum pink, suit pants and despite my fear of looking like a shrimp eating flamingo, I instantly fell in love with them as I tried them on and i didn’t think twice about cashing out for them.
My second pink purchase in Cape Town is a one sleeve, crop from MR. PRICE, which is a bright cerise pink that makes me stand out amongst any crowd. What I love most about this top is its old school 90’s style and that it truly makes me smile when I wear it.
My absolute die for pink accessories are my vintage, R2, oval-shaped sunglasses, with tinted pink lenses and my blindingly bright Pauls Boutique handbag, which is tiny, rectangular shaped with small handles. It takes every outfit to the next level as all Pauls Boutique handbags do and despite how tiny it looks, it can fit a baby elephant inside.
Though i avoided pink clothes from too long, i never avoided pink lipsticks! Pink lipsticks are my absolute favourite from bright colours to matte pastels. My three best lipsticks are of course by MAC.
One them is called Candy Yum Yum and it seriously is a yummy colour. It is a super bright, cerise pink that some may find hard to pull off but not me. I love to smear it on thick, especially for smart occasions or for days where I want to feel extra eccentric and pretty.
My #1 go-to lipstick is called Pink Plaid. It is an extra matte , dark, dusty pink. I love the feel of it and the smooth finish. I have three of these alone, just in case one goes missing or finishes, which is highly likely with the amount of lipstick I unnecessarily apply. When i hand in my Back2Mac products , I usually choose Pink Plaid.
The third lipstick is Snob, and what a perfect name. It is a pretty, candy floss pink and unlike my other two favourites, this is a satin feel and is the only satin lipstick I like from the MAC range. It’s not too bright and not too pale and when i wear this shade, most people are likely to think I am a bitch because it give off an unspoken tone of ” do not mess with me today!”
If you are fashion obsessed, you should have no fears to start with. Pink is a wonderfully versatile colour that has the ability to be loud or subtle and can make you feel like a queen or a bad ass, depending on which shade of pink you choose to wear and how you wear it and is most definitely a colour we should all wear more often.




  1. Okay this post was awesome. I relate so much. I liked pink a lot when I was younger but then I kinda dropped it? And now that I think about it it wasn’t the color it was the style of clothes that had the color. I have also started wearing pink. I actually just made a post about styling a pink suit which you should consider getting since they are so in right now. Following and can’t wait to see more cool posts like this.


    1. You doll!! Thanks for the feedback, always fulfilling to see that someone relates. I never thought of it that way, that the style of clothes could put me off of the colour but that actually makes total sense. The H&M tailored pants I mentioned had a matching jacket, going to read your post now. It’ll probably inspire me to go purchase it 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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