Self Care = Self Love

Self Love = Self Care

Self care is a fundamental part of self love. We often fall into unhealthy routines or give into unhealthy habits which can deteriorate our happiness, health and confidence. All which are crucial parts of loving ourselves.
There are many ways we should take care of ourselves and those around us, all equally important to ensure a life full positivity. These are just a few ways to care for yourself.
The most important aspect too all fundamentals of self-care is honesty. To be honest with yourself means knowing what’s best for you by asking ourselves a simple question before you act,- “ How will I feel after?” if your answer is negative do not do it, if your answer is positive go ahead but always be completely honest to yourself when answering this question. You know what is best for your well-being, better than anyone else does.
We all start the New Year with great intentions to get to the gym more often and convince ourselves that this year will differ from the last. That is until we apply for a gym membership, attend for a full week and then fall back into our same old. I know, very well that I am too guilty of this.
The truth is, not everyone enjoys gym and why on earth should anyone do what they do not enjoy? Even if it is to stay healthy. A wonderful revelation in my life was when I realised that going to the gym, is not the only way to exercise and I am more than happy to share that same idea with you.
There is one way to find enjoyment out of a workout and that is to do what you love, while moving. This can be dancing, walking your dogs, yoga, boxing, swimming or even shopping, people underestimate the strength you need to shop for 4 hours straight, while carrying 10 shopping bags. You can even choose more than one. I find yoga and swimming work best for me. Exercise is known to maintain a healthy mind, add happiness to our lives by relieving the soul and increases our physical strength. Always find enjoyment is your exercise.
Healthy Eating
Healthy eating is not a strict diet. It is not about cutting out carbs, losing weight, starving or trying to fit into your old jeans. Healthy eating is self-care. Food is our fuel and we should only refuel our bodies when we are hungry. Hunger is our fuel meter and the fuel we put into our systems should benefit our bodies to the fullest extent. Just like a car, you would not put petrol into an engine that runs on diesel. Our bodies need foods that are full of nutrients and vitamins in order to give us energy. You are way more valuable than a vehicle, so why do we so often give into foods that do not benefit our functioning?
Eating connects deeply with our emotions, we often sway towards quick filling foods rather than foods filled with nutrients and vitamins, simply because we tend to focus on feeding our current feelings without determining the aftermath. When you make healthier choices you are not dieting but rather, caring for yourself and your emotions. Processed, unhealthy foods are an instant enjoyment and anything instant is not long-lasting. Healthier foods are a long term enjoyment because they maintain your happiness, confidence & health, long after they have been digested. Eating foods with nutrients benefit the condition of your skin, your emotional stability, your energy levels, brain function and sleeping patterns.
Another very important aspect to healthy eating is appreciation and enjoyment. No meal should be eaten too quickly and you should never over eat because that takes away your appreciation and enjoyment of a meal. Taste your food, feel the texture of each bite and stop when your body is satisfied. We have all eaten a delicious meal that is only ruined by over indulging to the point where we cannot move, feel sick or are even in pain. There is no self-love in that and no appreciation.
Care for yourself by eating healthy, slowly, moderately, with appreciation and enjoyment.
Hygiene not only refers to the cleanliness of your body but it also refers to your environment, whether that is at home, work or the city that you live in. It is greatly important for us to keep ourselves and our environments clean to prevent illnesses and to maintain relationships. As I have mentioned before, self love means to care for yourself and all that surrounds you.
Showering in the morning to wake yourself up or after a long day of work, brushing your teeth twice a day, washing your hands regularly should be general knowledge. But it is just as important to regularly and thoroughly clean the space you live or work in, to throw away your rubbish, pick up litter where you can, donate clutter to someone else who will find use out of it and motivate and influence others to do the same. Smelling good and living in a clean environment is something I greatly appreciate and you should too.
Funnily enough, I do not place drinking a lot of water with healthy eating but rather with hygiene. Water is a purifier, we use it to clean our external body, plants use it to grown & fish use it to breathe. It is the one element that truly connects all aspects of life and I find that to be a beautiful thing. Connection to ourselves and all life that surrounds us is a greatest part of living. Drinking a lot of water is not only about hydration but also about purification, connection & cleaning our body internally, to rid of toxins. Drink lots of water and remember that it will not only hydrate you but will purify your body and connect you to all that is living.
Let’s be more honest with ourselves
How will I feel after I do an exercise that I enjoy?
How will I feel if I eat something healthy?
How will I feel if I over eat?
How will I feel if I brush my teeth?
How will I feel to get into bed clean?
How will I feel to donate something I am not using to someone who will?
How will I feel to keep my environment clean?
How will I feel to motivate others?
How will I feel if i drink lots of water?
How will I feel to really care for my well-being?
How will I feel to be honest with myself?


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