Self Love|Begginers Guide

Self Love Steps
Photo by The In Space

Self Love| Begginers Guide

Self-love is understanding, accepting, acknowledging and appreciating who you are and where you are without ego or bringing others down. It is a daily practise that requires discipline, but is simply achieved by doing the things you love to do.

Steps to Self-Love

  1. Appreciating that you are, that you breathe, think and feel.
  2. Knowing that you are you, for reason, and have no gain in striving to be someone else.
  3. Understanding balance, that with every salad you should have some carbs and with every hour of hard work you should have a break.
  4. Acknowledging that there is far more than just the psychical and that our soul needs nourishment just as much as our bodies do.
  5. Giving yourself and doing for yourself what you feel & know you most need.
  6. Sharing your self-love & kindness with others. Setting an example of how important it is for us all to love you.
  1. Appreciating is the most important part of any human life. No matter how much or how little one possesses , there is always space and reason to appreciate. Often, we miss out on appreciating everyday miracles by allowing our focus to drift to the negative.
  2. One of the most eye opening and inspiring revelations, is when one truly becomes aware that, as an individual you are you and no body else can be you. We each have our own life path and tasks to complete. If you are constantly striving to be someone else, your life tasks will not be completed.
  3. Balance can be easily understood , yet you still have difficulty with implementing it. If you have too much of something you lose the appreciation & enjoyment and when you have too little, jealousy and anger may build up towards those who have more than you. This does not aid our overall well-being.
  4. You are a body, a mind and a soul. All three need health care and nourishment. Healthy eating and exercise feeds the physical body, rest feeds the mind and kindness feeds the soul.
  5. What we most need are the things that add life to living. It is all the positive activities we so easily procrastinate against, even though we know they’ll add happiness to your day.
  6. Once you are ready to love yourself, be ready to put a smile on your face. Show kindness when ever and to who ever you can. Everybody needs it and why not be the one to add a little light into someones life? Smiling is the easiest way to do that. When you are in a situation that you usually give into anger, smile instead and when people ask how are you able to do that, you’ll answer – ” I do it with SELF LOVE.”

I truly believe that if we all really loved ourselves there would be a lot more kindness & understanding in the world.

Self Love Steps
Photo by The In Space

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